ArcView 9.3

View and analyze data from GiS

Create maps using the numerous templates available and embed them into your documents. View, edit as well as share the collected GiS data and interactively measure distances, sort the information, view layer properties, etc.

Using ArcView, you can understand the geographic context of your data, allowing you to see relationships and identify patterns in new ways.

Main features:

- Author maps and interact with your data by generating reports and charts and printing and embedding your maps in other documents and applications.
- Save time using map templates to create consistent style in your maps.
- Build process models, scripts, and workflows to visualize and analyze your data.
- Read, import, and manage more than 70 different data types and formats including demographics, facilities, CAD drawings, imagery, Web services, multimedia, and metadata.
- Communicate more efficiently by printing, publishing, and sharing your GIS data and dynamic content with others.
- Use tools such as Find, Identify, Measure, and Hyperlink to discover information not available when working with static paper maps.
- Make better decisions and solve problems faster.
- Map authoring - Use predefined map templates to save time and make it easy to create a consistent style in your maps. Learn more about map display shortcuts.
- Spatial query - Ask questions of your data and solve complex problems by using a variety of query-building tools: interactively measure distances and areas, find features in the map, select data by location or attribute, unselect all, switch the selection, access layer properties from the Identify dialog box, and much more. Learn more about integrating and navigating your data.
- Basic modeling and analysis - Model spatial relationships and measure how features in a dataset relate to each other in space, and generate reports and charts of your findings.
- Simple feature editing and data integration - Create and edit point, line, and polygon features and attributes within your data.

ArcView - a reliable tool that enables you to view, edit and manage geographic maps.

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